A warm greeting from the Mongolian Family Welfare Association (MFWA), first CSO granted with UN ECOSOC special consultative status in Mongolia.
We believe that everyone has a right to access comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education and services. MFWA is working on enabling access through our 15 branches, youth centers, static clinic, and individual volunteers in collaboration with international, national, local and other relevant organizations.
We organize our activities in accordance with the needs of the target population. In our sexual and reproductive health programme we ensure that rights respected and that every decision made by our clients is arrived at with informed choices. We put premium in confidentiality and privacy, and we ensure that all services offered are received in a voluntary manner and within a friendly and transparent environment.
We are deeply grateful to our donors, partners and members and supporters who support our efforts to improve quality of life Mongolians. We invite you to work with us.

I hope you will find the information needed from our web site and learn about our grass root activities.

Wishing you and your family all the best!

Best Regards,


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