We are organizing a 2-day training course for “Peer Trainers” in the field of sexual and reproductive health, family planning, STD, HIV and AIDS prevention. Participation in the training is voluntary. Also, interested in working in the above field, popular among peers, able to work in a team, self-confident, able to organize individual and group interviews, good support from family and school community, volunteering 8-16 hours a week meet the requirements of being able to spend.

We are organizing trainings and interesting events for parents and guardians on how to talk to their children about RHM and how to provide proper knowledge and information.

We offer a “Handbook” for teachers and social workers to help children with SEN education. The guide systematically includes lessons on prevention of STDs, HIV and AIDS, family planning, and STDs, as well as reading material for teachers and exercises and games related to the topic for students.

We have prepared age-appropriate RH education courses based on VR technology, and this course can be viewed and learned through a 360 screen, as well as through a VR headset.