Successfully entered the international arena

IPPF International Accreditation was successfully held on May 20-25 at the Mongolian Family Welfare Association. IPPF IPPF ESEAOR – International Planned Parenthood Federation East and Southeast Asia Oceania Regional’ Team Josephine Marietta Board Member of the Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association, ESEAOR KLRO Architect of coordination Rie Takahashi, Business analyst Dr. Sai Nay Lynn Aung and Governance and accreditation advisor, Juliana Moses were present. Accreditation examined 33 standards and 153 questions in 10 principles: Open democratic, well governed, strategic and progressive, transparent and accountable, well managed, financially healthy, good employer, comitted results, comitted to quality and a leading SRHR organization successfully participated.

The accreditation is valid for 5 years, and the association has been successful in 3 times.