Health reporters visited the MFWA

“White Pen” Association of Health Journalists of Mongolia, “Vaccine” Club of Health Journalists, Mongolian Family Welfare Association jointly organized “Tour of Health Journalists” #5, April 18.

During this trip, they exchanged opinions on the problems of adolescent reproductive health, and provided information on community activities and sex education projects. Also on this occasion, it was announced that MFWA has announced a grant program to support the work of health journalists.

It’s not because young people don’t like to learn that sex education is “uninteresting”. They want to learn more in less time. They are more interested in innovative and modern teaching methods. Therefore, it is necessary to make great efforts at all levels to reduce the percentage of early pregnancy among teenagers and increase reproductive knowledge. Therefore, the Mongolian Family Welfare Association, which has been working in the field of sexual education and reproductive health for the past #30yearsanniversary, is planning to establish a “Youth Sexual Education Center” in Ulaanbaatar as part of its mission. This center is dedicated to teenagers, parents, guardians, teachers and social workers, and it is characterized by a center with practical materials to see, see and hear, an interesting program of events, training based on VR devices, an innovative library and a modern minimal solution center. It is open to everyone, and there will be a team of professional doctors and teachers who will solve the difficult problems of parents, suitable for the age and characteristics of children. It plans to reach 2,000-2,500 teenagers and their parents annually, providing individual and couple counseling. The opening of the center is planned for July 4.